The name that saves

In the Vishnu Sahasranama, there are 32 names that are in praise of Rama. The name Parardhih refers to Rama, the Supreme One with auspicious qualities, said M.A. Venkatakrishnan in a discourse. When Dasaratha decided to crown Rama, the members of the assembly he had invited said Rama was the right choice because of His noble qualities. Parasara Bhatta, in his commentary on the Vishnu Sahasranama, says Rama charitam is mrita sanjeevanam, for it restores people to life. Parvati asked Lord Siva which name of Lord Vishnu would give the same benefits as reciting all one thousand names. Lord Siva replied that reciting Rama nama would confer the same benefits as reciting all names. Even in the Ramayana, we find instances where the name of Rama revives people. We see this in the case of Sita Herself. Hanuman has located Sita in Asoka vana, but remains hidden in a tree. Ravana threatens Sita and when he leaves, Sita thinks of giving up Her life. Hanuman decides to intervene to prevent this catastrophe. Hanuman then narrates the story of Rama, and Sita’s heart fills with hope, and all thoughts of death are forgotten.

Another instance of the efficacy of Rama charita is seen after the killing of Ravana. Rama and Sita are returning to Ayodhya, and they stop over at the ashram of sage Bharadwaja. The sage wants Rama to eat a feast at his ashram. Bharata has threatened to immolate himself if Rama does not return to Ayodhya as soon as the period of exile ends. So, Rama sends Hanuman to inform Bharata that He has been delayed. Hanuman arrives just when Bharata is about to enter the fire. Hanuman narrates Rama’s story, and Bharata gives up his attempt. Thus, even in the Ramayana, we see clearly how the name of Rama saves people.

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