The Lord’s Vibhuti

The prime qualifying factor for the disciple keen to learn and imbibe spiritual truths is absolute faith in the teaching and in the preceptor, says Krishna to Arjuna when He begins to explain the profound secret of wisdom. At this juncture, the Lord explains many subtle aspects that are to be factored in when there is transmission of esoteric knowledge from preceptor to disciple, pointed out Swami Omkarananda in a discourse.

Unlike knowledge pertaining to the world and universe that can be grasped by the skilful use and application of the senses, mind and intellect, esoteric matters, being profound by nature cannot be easily explained or made overtly explicit. It is also true that all worldly knowledge is of no avail and stands no comparison with this Supreme Knowledge that gives peace of mind and calm and liberates one from the cycle of samsara. It leads one away from restless pursuits and confusion. But still each one has to face the challenge posed by the powerful sway of Maya that easily eclipses the significance of this knowledge amid the layers of worldly, objective and scientific knowledge that many learned and well informed people believe in and pursue. All learning is best achieved when one listens and takes in what is heard. That is, one starts to think on what has been heard and then tries to evaluate this with an impartial mind. For teaching and learning to be effective, the student has to listen with faith to what the teacher imparts.

In this case, the Lord is the best person to explain His tatva and Vibhuti that even the Vedas are incapable of explaining. In fact, the Lord says later that whatever He has explained as His Vibhuti is only a miniscule aspect, like the tip of the iceberg. It is something unfathomable and not to be explained. There is no end to the Lord’s infinite nature.

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