The divine connection

Yasoda tied Krishna to a mortar to punish Him for stealing butter. Krishna willingly accepted this punishment. He had stuffed Himself with butter, and His tummy was bulging. Although Yasoda had tied the rope loosely, it was now tight, leaving marks on His waist. Nammazhvar, marvelling at this incident, uses the word “nova”, meaning hurt. But Krishna was not the One who felt the hurt, Supreme One that He was. The pain was Nammazhvar’s, said V.S. Karunakarachariar in a discourse. Nammazhvar could not bear to think of Lord Krishna being tied. When he thought of this incident, Nammazhvar fainted.

But while Krishna allowed His mother to tie Him up, there was the need for Him to move, to fulfil Narada’s words. Narada had once come upon the sons of Kubera in a state of drunkenness on the banks of the sacred river, Akasa Ganga. Narada cursed them and said they would be born as marudhu trees (Terminalia Arjuna). They would take birth in Nandagopa’s garden and would be liberated when they were touched by the rope that tied Krishna to a mortar. The sons of Kubera — Nalakubera and Manigriva, were accordingly born in Nandagopa’s garden as trees. Now, at last Krishna had been tied up, and their moment of release was near. So Krishna moved, dragging the mortar with Him, and when the rope that was around His waist touched the trees, Nalakubera and Manigriva got their promised release. Krishna did not touch the trees, but the rope that touched Krishna saved them.

The message for us is that our connection to those devoted to Him is as life saving as a connection to Him. Just as the rope connected to Krishna saved the sons of Kubera, so also our connection to Acharyas, who in turn are connected to Lord Narayana, will liberate us.

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