The devoted do not fear

At various times, we all make offerings to God, but no one gives everything he has. But Putana gave up her very life, and thus earned moksha, said V.S. Karunakarachariar, in a discourse. Putana had come to kill Krishna. How then could she be considered worthy of moksha? Although her intention had been evil, she had ultimately been killed by Krishna, and had also had the good fortune of touching the Lord. Giving up her life can be said to be giving up everything, and so she qualified for His daya. Krishna closed His eyes, when he sucked her milk and her life. Some interpret this to mean that the Lord was sorry that the first person He was killing in that avatara was a woman. In the Rama avatara too, the first person He killed was the demoness Tataka.

But Krishna closed His eyes for a different reason. Here was Putana giving up her life to Krishna, and what could He give her in turn? Krishna felt that nothing He could give her was enough for this supreme sacrifice! In shame, therefore, He closed His eyes. Such is the Lord’s kindness, that He is never satisfied that He has compensated or rewarded us enough. This attribute of the Lord is pointed out by Venkatadri kavi, the author of Lakshmi Sahasra. He says that the Lord does not know what to give him (Venkatadri) as a reward for writing Lakshmi Sahasra. The Lord feels that whatever He gives will be too small a gift for the poet. Why did Krishna kill those Kamsa sent to destroy Him? Instead could He not have killed Kamsa first? He wanted Kamsa to live in terror, not knowing when Krishna would slay him. Such fear is what His enemies experience. The Sun is scorching, but the lotus finds the Sun pleasing. Likewise, devotees do not have to fear the Lord. But those who oppose Him will be afraid of Him.

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