Surrender and grace

The search for security, peace and happiness is inherent in all beings, but sadly it remains a futile one for many. Ignorance is the main cause for this, says Swami Vivekananda in a soulful hymn wherein he shows that surrender to the Lord is the only way to make the search fruitful, said Swami Paramasukananda in a discourse. The tendency is to search for peace and happiness in things of this world which can never offer it in full.

In philosophical terms, inadequate knowledge of one’s atma that is the very essence of immortality is what leads to the mistaken notion of identifying with the body rather than the self. This truth is generally recognised but not accepted in totality by one’s inner being.

But at some point of time, in the course of countless births, when through divine grace the jivatma realises the full import of this Vedantic teaching, it is fortunate to search for God. The truth then dawns with clarity. The Lord who is the source of all creation and also pervades every aspect of it, animate and inanimate, and is held to be above the gunas, is realised as also is the essence of compassion.

When one surrenders to the Lord, He takes charge of the jivatma desirous of help and emancipation. In the Ramayana, the helpless and pitiable Sugriva, who is alone and abandoned by all, is shown to be graced by the Lord. Rama goes to see him and offers His help, but makes it appear as if He is in need of Sugriva’s help. It is this remarkable trait of boundless compassion that is the cause of faith in the human mind.

In the case of Ahalya, Rama frees her from the curse. She is overwhelmed by the honour and respect Rama shows to her despite the fact that she is the recipient of His grace.

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