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When one wages war, it is best to ensure the support of many others. To be isolated or friendless is a sure route to defeat, said Kidambi Narayanan, in a discourse. The Pandavas, despite being in exile, were able to get the support of many armies. And when this happened, Dhritarashtra knew that Pandava victory was certain. Dhritarashtra says that he had had many such indications of a Pandava victory, and yet he had not warned his sons. Abimanyu married Uttara, thereby gaining for the Pandavas the support of the Matsya king. The Panchala king was with the Pandavas.

When Duroydhana tried to kill the Pandavas in the palace made of lacquer, Vidura warned them to escape. When Dhritarashtra heard that Vidura had helped the Pandavas, he knew his sons would lose if war broke out. Bhishma and Drona blessed the Pandavas, and it was clear to Dhritarashtra that his sons would not succeed. When learned men and men of determination like Drona and Bhishma support someone, then it is clear that there is justice in their cause. When Duroydhana accused Bhishma of not doing his best on the battlefield, Dhritarashtra knew that his sons would lose. To suspect one of Bhishma’s integrity was unforgivable. Above all, the Pandavas had the backing of Krishna, and their victory was thus confirmed.

When Dhritarashtra heard that Krishna had spoken words of comfort to Kunti, who was frightened of the consequences of the war, Dhritarashtra knew that his sons would lose. When Krishna became Arjuna’s charioteer, Dhritarashtra knew the Pandavas would win. A charioteer does not merely drive according to the commands he receives, but he also steers the warrior out of danger. With Krishna playing such an important role in the Pandava army, it was clear that the Kauravas stood no chance at all.

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