Subtleties of devotional life

Suka confesses that though he is a Brahma Nishta sage steeped in meditation of the Nirguna Brahman, he finds much joy and delight in singing the praises of the Lord’s excellences. This statement is made when Parikshit asks him the way to salvation. Quoting the Upanishad thought about what is really worthwhile, Suka says that each one has to know about the All-pervading and Omnipotent Lord, and to this end one has to hear His glories expounded, and then remember Him always, pointed out Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal in a discourse. The Bhagavata Purana is capable of leading people out of samsara by fostering devotion true and simple, regardless of whether they have opted for the spiritual path of renunciation, Nivritti, or the path of a householder, Pravritti.

There is a story about how the Lord wishes to enlighten Narada on the true devotion practised by even those in Pravritti. The Lord speaks highly of the devotion of a farmer in a village. Noticing that Narada feels disappointed that the Lord has not credited him as an ideal devotee, the Lord entrusts him with a simple task, to carry a bowl filled with oil around the world without spilling even a drop of it. Narada leaves with the oil bowl and proudly comes back to the Lord after carefully finishing the assignment. The Lord is pleased and as He takes back the bowl, asks Narada about the number of times he chanted His name when he was on the errand. Narada admits to the Lord that he had forgotten to chant the Lord’s name during his trip as he had to focus on not spilling the oil. After all, he was only doing the work allotted by God, argues Narada. The Lord points out that the farmer too does the work ordained for him, and in the midst of it takes care to remember Him.

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