Subhadra’s marriage

Rukmini’s wedding to Krishna is captured in a drama called Vaidarbhi Vasudeva. Subhadra’s wedding to Arjuna, described in the Mahabharata, also has many dramatic moments, said V.S. Karunakarachariar in a discourse. Arjuna comes in the guise of a sanyasi to Dwaraka. Later he reveals his identity to Subhadra. Since Subhadra wants to marry Arjuna and Balarama is opposed to the idea, Krishna plans a secret marriage for Subhadra. He says that Subhadra is unwell, and all Yadavas must go to an island for thirty-four days and worship Lord Siva there. But Krishna has already ensured that Subhadra and Arjuna will marry when everyone is away.

Indra comes for the wedding and blesses the couple, who later escape in Krishna’s chariot. The escape plan is also Krishna’s idea. Subhadra is adept at driving the chariot, and Arjuna, now in his usual attire, sits at the back, with Subhadra in the driver’s seat. When they are stopped by guards, Subhadra says that none of them should be harmed. So Arjuna uses an astra that makes their weapons fall to the ground, but they remain unharmed. When news of what has happened reaches Balarama, his first reaction is anger. Then realising he can do nothing when Subhadra has decided to marry Arjuna, he takes many gifts for the couple.

Subhadra is later blessed with a son. Krishna has restless eyes, which keep moving all the time. For this reason, Krishna is called capalAksha. Subhadra’s son is also given this name. He is also named Abhimanyu — abhI means without fear. Manyu means anger. So, the idea is that this fearless child will also be angry when he must, namely when he faces his enemies. Abhimanyu is trained by Arjuna and Krishna in warfare, and he proves himself to be a great warrior.

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