Strong bond of bhakti


In the Gita, Krishna analyses the various ways in which devotion takes root in people. He knows that many seek favours of Him for various reasons, for wealth, knowledge, relief from distress, and so on. Though He then claims that one who seeks Him for His sake is very dear to Him, His unparalleled magnanimity is seen in His recognition and response to all who seek Him, irrespective of their motive, pointed out Kalyanapuram Sri Aravamudhachariar in a discourse. None knows better than Him that for every jivatma, crossing this life on earth is beset with hurdles and therefore His devotees find great mental strength in seeking His help. It is held that at the end of Krishna avatar, the Lord departs with the feeling that he has not done enough for Draupadi. When she is in distress and on the verge of extreme humiliation, she knows that none but He alone could help.

Though Krishna is in Dwaraka, her loud cry for help in her utter helplessness, bears fruit in a totally unbelievable manner. It proves beyond doubt His omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. But He still has this misgiving that He could not be present in person to alleviate her distress. He says that He is indebted to Draupadi in this account.

He comes to the assistance of Gajendra when the elephant calls out to the one who is the primordial source of all. With extraordinary sincerity He befriends a Guha or a Sugriva; accepts the humble offerings of a Sabhari or a Kuchela and graces them handsomely. When He enters Mathura to meet Kamsa, He goes out of the way to bless Kubja who gains a beautiful form and to shower His grace on the garland vendor. He grants the highest attainment to the unlettered and simple Gopis. It is no wonder that His devotees automatically feel doubly indebted to Him.

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