Sterling qualities

Dasaratha told the people of Ayodhya that Rama was to be crowned as next in line to the throne. They lauded Dasaratha’s decision, and spoke of Rama’s sterling qualities which made Him the right choice for the position. They said Rama was an authority on dharma, said Navalpakkam Vasudevachariar in a discourse. When the need arose to go to battle, Rama did not hesitate. When Rama returned after His successful military campaigns, He enquired of His citizens whether they were doing well. His questions covered many areas of concern. He would ask about their families, their wives and children. He would ask if they had been performing all the required everyday rituals. To the spiritual preceptors, He would ask about their students. The citizens of Ayodhya mention all these things to Dasaratha.

In Srirangam, Lord Ranaganatha, the deity of the Ikshvaku family to which Rama belonged, stops to make enquiries when He goes out on a procession. This happens just once a year, during the Brahmotsava in the Tamil month of Thai. Lord Ranganatha stops before every house in the streets around which the procession passes, and makes enquiries. This is a boon to those who are unable to go to the temple during the festival. And it is similar to Rama enquiring after the welfare of His subjects in Ayodhya.

Asking pertinent questions to people is an art, and Rama had mastered this art. He knew what question should be addressed to whom. When He met Sabari, He asked her about her tapas. Dasaratha’s subjects told him that Rama was like a father to all the people. If they were sorrowful, Rama treated their sorrow as His own. If they were glad, He was delighted too. Rama spoke the truth, but also made sure that no one was hurt by His speech.

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