Siva the Supreme Lord

Saivism holds that Siva is the Supreme Lord spoken of as Brahman in the Upanishads and one who confers liberation on those desirous of it. A jivatma struggling in samsara is sure to experience great joy when he understands the value of Siva Upasana and its untold benefits, even as a poor man’s heart is gladdened when he stumbles upon a treasure, pointed out Srimati R. Mathangi in a discourse. The concept of Pasu, Pati and Pasa is central to Saivism.

Pati refers to Siva the Paramatma. Pasu is the soul in the embodied jiva who is thus a blend of the gross, comprising the body-mind complex, and the spiritual, the chaitanya roopa of the atma which is the indwelling self. Pasa is the rope or fetters and refers to the three taints known as malams which adhere to the soul. The three malams are known as anava, karma, and maya.

The jiva cannot escape from the bond of anava malam, primordial ignorance. Nor is it possible to evade facing the effect of one’s actions good and bad. The third malam is known as the Maya malam. This is the impurity arising from attachment to the world and is caused by birth. Being thus bound, the soul is unable to enjoy the bliss of Siva Ananda.

In samsara, the awareness of atma is restricted; but it attains fullness in the mukti state. Ignorance is caused by the sorrow of birth and jnana can remove this. This is gained by Vedanta knowledge that points out Siva as the goal to be attained. He is the creator of the entire prapancham including the Trimurtis.

The prapancham is His sarira. He controls the jivas who are the Pasu and He is not affected by Pasa or Pasu. The sadana advised is worship and meditation on Siva who alone can cut the bonds attached to the immortal soul.

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