Saiva Agamas explained

Thirumoolar was chosen by Lord Siva to be the recipient of the knowledge of Saiva Agamas. Thirumoolar, in turn, wrote the Thirumandiram, setting out philosophical truths. He says Lord Siva is beyond words and understanding. He is the only Truth. All other tattvas are maya, and will perish, says Thirumoolar. He says he will talk about this Siva, who is beyond comprehension, in the 3,000 verses, which constitute the Thirumandiram. Thirumoolar talks about the jnana which should be sought and also about the seeker of such jnana, elaborated R. Narayanan in a discourse. Saiva Siddhanta talks about pasu, pati and paasam. Pasu is the jivatma, searching for the Ultimate Truth.

Pati is Lord Siva, and pasam refers to the ties that keep a person under bondage, preventing him from reaching the feet of the Lord. These concepts too are contained in Thirumoolar’s work. Jnana is Siva’s sakthi. Thirumoolar refers to his work as a seed, which contains all the eternal truths. He has explained therein, everything about the Saiva Agamas. Just as a seed, though small in size, contains what is needed for a tree to grow from it, so does his work contain the entire knowledge of the Saiva Agamas.

Saiva Agamas are vast, but Thirumoolar has summed them up in his work, simplifying them for us. Thirumoolar refers to himself as a teacher who came from Kailasa. He says he was in the state of jeevan mukti, when he gave this work to the world. What he has said are not his words, he clarifies. They are the words of Lord Siva. Humility is a characteristic trait of all great sages, and here we find that Thirumoolar is no exception. He took no credit for his work. And in any case, the Saiva Agamas were revealed by Lord Siva to his chosen devotee Thirumoolar.

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