Safe and sure refuge

The path to salvation is demanding and requires long and arduous practice. At the end of many births perhaps one among countless jivatmas may become a jnani, says Krishna in the Gita. The Vishnu Purana also echoes the same fact when it states that in the course of different births it is likely that one attains Him. Still, every jivatma wishes to lead a comfortable life free of problems, enjoy good health, and also attain salvation by the grace of the Lord, pointed out Mukkur Sri Srinivasan in a discourse.

But the practice of karma, jnana and bhakti by many in Kali Yuga remains unsatisfactory and imperfect as the mind is filled with doubt, confusion, uncertainty, and so on. Being misled by the material world and sense objects, a major part of one’s lifetime is spent in fulfilling worldly attainments. As a result it becomes difficult to control the mind and only few are able to clear their sins by merits gained by performance of good and virtuous acts and good conduct through many births. In such a situation, chanting the innumerable auspicious names of the Lord can confer untold benefits on jivatmas, says Bhishma when he instructs the Vishnu Sahasranama to Yudhishtira and others in the presence of Krishna. That jivatma who makes it the practice to think of His greatness and to sing His glories at all times has no need to worry about practice of jnana, karma or bhakti yogas.

The fruits of all these are automatically gained by chanting His names. The Lord is ever present in all objects and beings as the indwelling essence and is the only refuge and the safest as well. He guides the welfare of those who place their trust in Him and grants what is beneficial to each one impartially. In fact there is nothing that is unattainable, worldly or spiritual, by chanting the names of the Lord.

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