Sacred story of Dhruva

The Bhagavata Purana contains many instances of how Divine Grace is sought through prayer, worship, practice of meditation and dhyana, performance of yagas and yagnas, etc. Sage Narada sings the praises of his disciple Dhruva in the sacrificial hall of Prachetasas. He hails the story of Dhruva for the many lessons it imparts and inspires, pointed out Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal in a discourse.

As a child of five years, whose earnest wish is to receive his father's love, he is pained when the step mother Suruchi speaks sharp words. Seeing no way out of the situation, he goes to the forest with the aim of propitiating the Lord. Narada guides him in the path of meditation and penance and imparts the sacred Dwadasa mantra. Based on the sage's teachings, Dhruva does severe penance that is beyond the limits of a child. The determination and sincere prayer of the child wins for him the darshan of the very Lord within a short period. It is something not attained by any Kshatriya even through many long years. Dhruva is overawed by the Lord's presence and, unable to speak anything, he falls prostrate at His feet. The Lord touches the child's head with His conch and this gives Dhruva the jnana and power to express this in words. He praises the Supreme Lord by whose power he is now able to speak of His glories. His words echo the very essence of what the Vedas proclaim.

By seeking the holy feet of the Lord and by meditating on His auspicious qualities one can get out of samsara. The Lord grants the child his desire and also a permanent place of residence in the constellation of stars known as Dhruva Mandala. Narada explains that this sacred story increases devotion, reduces miseries, washes off all sins and promotes good will and good conduct.

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