Rama’s truthfulness

Rama’s sterling qualities drew the whole of Ayodhya to Him. His auspicious qualities attracted not only His subjects, but also Azhvars and Acharyas, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse. Nampillai, for instance, would quote extensively from the Ramayana while giving philosophical explanations. Nampillai’s discourses were well attended, while those of Naduvil Thiruveedhi Pillai Bhattar also known as Vagvijaya bhattar were not. This was not relished by Vagvijaya bhattar. One day Vagvijaya bhattar went to the king’s court to obtain the gifts the king gave to learned men. The king would usually ask a question and if satisfied with the answer, he would give the scholar a gift. He asked Vagvijaya bhattar the following question: “Rama Himself declared that He was a mortal. Yet He said Jatayu would attain moksha. How could a mortal grant moksha to anyone?”

Vagvijaya bhattar did not know how to answer the question, for both the king’s observations were true. Rama had indeed said that He was a mortal, and He had also given moksha to Jatayu. So what was the answer? Vagvijaya bhattar turned to a disciple of Nampillai for help, and asked him how Nampillai would have answered the question. The sishya said, “Rama never once uttered an untruth. When such a person says something, the truthfulness of the person will ensure that whatever he says comes true. So Rama’s truthfulness would have been enough to give moksha to Jatayu.”

Vagvijaya bhattar gave this reply to the king and he was honoured by the king with gifts. He took the gifts to Nampillai and said they rightfully belonged to him, for it was his disciple’s answer which had pleased the king. From that day onwards, Vagvijaya bhattar became an ardent devotee of Nampillai.

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