Qualities of bhaktas

Uddhava has many questions for Lord Krishna, all of which the Lord answers patiently. In the Srimad Bhagavatam, we find Uddhava’s question on how a bhakta can be identified. Lord Krishna tells him about the qualities of bhaktas, said P.T. Seshadri in a discourse. A bhakta is anxious to worship the Lord in His archa form. He is eager to pay his respects to the Lord’s devotees. He praises and worships Krishna’s devotees. He likes to tell others about the qualities and deeds of bhaktas. A bhakta likes to hear stories about the Lord. He always meditates on the Lord. Whatever he gets in this world, he places it at the Lord’s feet. He thinks of himself as the Lord’s servant. He likes to celebrate festivals relating to the Lord, like Sri Jayanthi, for example.

Bhaktas arrange for songs to be sung in temples, musical instruments to be played and dances to be offered as worship. They like to visit His temples. They offer flowers of good quality to Him, especially on days like Ekadasi. They perform the yagas prescribed in the Vedas. They worship according to the Pancharatra Agamas. They are meticulous in observing vratas like Ekadasi, for such vratas are not for worldly purposes. They help install His idol in temples. They establish flower gardens in temples, and facilitate the construction of vimanas and sannidhis in temples. Whatever they can do in a temple, they do it gladly. They do not think that any work done in a temple is inferior. Whether it is sweeping or mopping the temple floor, or doing a rangoli, they are ready to do anything. If something is offered to them in the temple, they do not see it as a reward for their service, for they do not expect a reward for serving the Lord. They are not showy. They offer to the Lord foods that He is fond of.

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