Qualities of a sadhu

Uddhava asks Lord Krishna many questions, and these questions and answers find a place in Srimad Bhagavatam, elaborated P.T. Seshadri in a discourse. Uddhava wants to know what the qualities of sadhus are. Lord Krishna says that there are 31 qualities that characterise sadhus. The Lord then lists them.

A sadhu cannot bear to see others sorrowful. He never harms any living thing. Honesty is his strength. Jealousy has no place in his life. He treats sorrow and joy alike. He helps all living things. He is not caught in a web of desires. He has control over his indriyas. He never uses harsh words, but is always gentle in his speech. His conduct is impeccable. He knows that none but Lord Krishna can grant moksha to anyone. He has no interest in worldly pleasures. He eats only prasada. In other words, he eats only food that has been offered to the Lord. He has total control over his mind. He is steadfast in his dharma. He is constantly reciting the Ashtakshara mantra. He seeks no refuge except the Lord’s feet. He is not perturbed even when he faces dangers. He is not afraid of hunger or thirst, or of grief, lust, old age and death. He does not like flattery.

He treats the Lord’s devotees with respect. He tells others of the Lord’s leelas and delights in doing so. He never cheats or deceives anyone. He never asks God to grant him anything. He only craves His mercy. He knows very well all the deeds of the Lord. He performs all the rites he has to perform according to the Sastras. But he is never proud about such adherence. He just does what is required of him. He knows that his sins will keep him from attaining moksha and that only Krishna’s mercy will see him through. He knows that the best dharma is worship of Lord Krishna.

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