Punishments for sins

In Srimad Bhagavatam, Suka tells Pareekshit about different kinds of sins, said P.T. Seshadri in a discourse. Suka talks about different kinds of narakas (hells) that await sinners, who are punished according to the nature of their sins.

A person who grabs someone’s property is taken by Yama’s men to a hell called taamisra. Here he is given no food or water, and is beaten by Yama’s men. He who hoards all his wealth and never gives to the poor will go to rowrava. People he had turned away take the form of venomous creatures called ruru, and bite him. A person who neglects his parents will go to kaalasutra. He will be made to stand in a vessel of copper, below which a fire will be lit. The Sun beats down on his head, and he will have to endure this heat for thousands of years.

A man who torments someone who is already suffering, will go to andhakupa, and there he will be constantly stung by mosquitoes and bitten by snakes. A bad ruler or even his servant who misuses power, will go to vaitarani. Here he will be pushed into a river of filth, and will be bitten by all kinds of germs. A man who gives false evidence, who promises dana, but goes back on his word, or a man who is dishonest in his business will go to aveechimaan. Here he is rolled down a hill, repeatedly. He doesn’t die, but is in agony. He who is proud of his family, of his lineage, of his wealth or his learning, will go to kshaarakardma.

Here he will hang upside down. He who is rude to guests will go to paryaavartana. Here he will be punished for his harsh words. Crows will peck at him. An avaricious person will go to Soochimukha, where he will be poked with needles. Suka thus gives a warning to everyone who reads Srimad Bhagavatam, of the dangers of being sinful.

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