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Tirumoolar is so versatile that he has put across the esoteric and metaphysical concepts of Siddhanta and Vedanta in the most comprehensive manner. He has explained the whole gamut of the agamas, the purana stories, mantra, tantra and yantra sastras, yoga sastra, the types of Saivism, the paths of sariyai, kiriyai, yoga and jnana, and so on. No doubt his work is formidable in terms of volume and depth of philosophical import, and hence more of academic appeal to those pursuing theology or sastra study. But his greater specialty is that he presents the essence of God realisation in a most practicable and applicable format through many apparently simple quotes, pointed out Sri C. Balu in a discourse. He has very clearly conveyed in his hymns the significance of God's experience as far higher than all other worldly experiences which are fleeting. The Supreme Lord Siva is pure who abides eternally in the soul dear to Him which pays obeisance to Him. He is peerless and there is none to equal His glory. The immortal phrase ‘Anbe Sivam’ asserts that God and Love are not different. He is the essence of compassion, mercy and love.

In the stanza of a mere four lines, ‘yavarukku mam,’ Tirumoolar has expressed that man’s primary duty in this world is to be considerate to all beings. He shows how simple acts of dharma are to be practised in daily life by all. God can be worshiped easily with a bilva leaf, and one can give a mouthful of grass to the cow, a handful of grains to the birds, and give food to the hungry. If these are not possible, one is advised to speak sweet words and not hurt others. Through yet another simple slogan ‘Onre Kulam, Oruvane Deivam,’ he declares unambiguously that the ultimate God is one; all beings in this entire creation belong to Him as one family.

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