Principle of surrender

Commentators and interpreters hail Valmiki for his comprehensive handling of the principle of surrender in the Ramayana, as he clearly establishes the supremacy of Rama as the sole refuge for the entire creation. Many devout and realised souls such as Sabhari, Jatayu, Sarabhanga and others are blessed and fortunate to have attained salvation in Rama’s presence.

In a discourse, Sri V. Karunakarachariar drew attention to the instances in the Ramayana where liberation or realisation is not directly sought for, though this goal is promised to every individual without any reservation. The first instance is by the celestial beings led by Brahma, who seek the refuge of Lord Narayana and the purpose is the annihilation of the atrocious Ravana.

In the Ayodhya Kanda, Lakshmana prostrates at Rama’s feet seeking permission to accompany Him to the forest. His wish is to serve Rama and Sita in the forest. As Sita is beside Rama when he puts forth his appeal, Lakshmana’s desire is fulfilled with the divine mother’s sanction. Bharata takes refuge with Rama, with the staunch appeal that He should come back and rule in Ayodhya. But since Rama has already promised the Devas that He would destroy Ravana, He entrusts His Padukas to Bharata. Bharata’s wish is not in vain for, after fulfilling the promise to the Gods, Rama accepts the reign of Ayodhya.

The rishis of Dandakaranya take refuge in Rama and wish to be protected by Rama at all times. Kakasura who wrongs Sita is granted pardon when he comes back to Rama and falls at His feet after being refused the help he seeks from his father, the gods, and the sages. None in the entire universe has the ability or daring to take him in who had invited the wrath of Rama’s arrow. But out of compassion, Rama spares him though the wrong he has done deserves severe death.

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