Pleasing, truthful words

Citizens of Ayodhya were delighted at Dasaratha’s decision to celebrate Rama’s coronation soon. The people expressed their approval of the decision by elaborating on Rama’s many auspicious qualities, said Navalpakkam Vasudevachariar in a discourse. Lauding the way Rama addressed people, they said that Rama was a smita bhaashi — He always spoke with a smile on His face. He was a poorva bhashi — He never waited for someone to come and talk to Him. He took the initiative and went out of His way to speak to others. Rama was not interested in unnecessary arguments. And yet, if someone said something unjust, He would be the first to protest. But He would not do this in a harsh manner. His gentility in speech would never be abandoned, even while He pointed out to them the error in their statements.

He never made compromises when it came to telling the truth. In His speech He was like Brihaspathi. And those who had had a contrary opinion would go away convinced of the validity of what Rama was saying. Rama spoke the truth, and also spoke without hurting anyone. His speech was gentle. He was well versed in the art of governance, and was quite capable of ruling all the three worlds. His anger was never unjust. He punished only those who deserved to be punished. Everyone would be pleased to have Rama as their king, for He had an abundance of desirable traits. Everyone, young and old, prayed for Rama’s welfare. Dasaratha’s subjects said that Rama deserved to be king.

Rama’s eyes were like lotuses, and this showed that He was the Paramatma. In the Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the bard says that when Parasurama was about to fight Rama, he saw the latter’s lotus-like eyes, and realised that he was face to face with Lord Vishnu Himself.

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