Personal equation with God

For most of us, generally, God is the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Supreme Force that the scriptures refer to as Brahman. But it is also accepted that it is impossible to describe the nature of Brahman fully. Yet, from the lives of Sivan Adiyars chronicled in the Periyapuranam, it is possible for the common man to understand that God can be realised as personal experience through the path of bhakti they exemplify, pointed out Sri Sa Saravanan in a discourse. The uniqueness of bhakti is that they are able to forge a kind of one-to-one equation with God. To them He is very much in their midst and, if only one is sensitive, one can experience His boundless grace, kindness and benevolence towards all beings in creation.

For instance, Kannappan Nayanar approaches God with a kind of wild devotion in keeping with his life experience as a hunter. Karaikal Ammaiyar could make the Lord listen to her wishes. Her request is that she should be a witness to His cosmic dance. When Thirunavukkarasar is tortured, he appeals to God to save His name by coming to his rescue. Through Sundarar's hymns one can see God in a new light and understand Him better, for herein God is shown to come down to the human level.

We can be sure of His promise to rid us of all our chronic faults. All of us are born again and again in this world to experience the fruits of our acts good and bad. God is shown as one who pardons the faults. But Sundarar also shows that just because we know God pardons our faults and puts up with our weaknesses, which are an endless list, there is no justification on our part to continue with wrong acts knowingly. He rightly says then that we are overlooking the disrepute that such an act will bring to Him.

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