Narada explains to Vasudeva

Sage Narada once visited Vasudeva, who asked the sage many questions, said P.T. Seshadri, in a discourse. Vasudeva said, “There are some people like you, who have no thoughts of anyone, but Lord Narayana. Therefore, only you can answer my questions. Children are dependent on their parents, and are glad when they are with their parents. Likewise, when great men are with me, I feel that it is good for me. Sages like you will be well disposed towards everyone, and will not treat even enemies badly. Therefore, you are the fittest person to help me understand some things. I want you to tell me, about Bhagavata dharma, which, when heard, gets rid of all fears.” Vasudeva says there is a reason for putting these queries to Narada. Vasudeva says: “ In previous births also I worshipped Lord Narayana. He is the only One who can give moksha. But I did not ask Him for moksha. I wanted Him to be born as my son. This was because I was caught in deva maya. In this world, many people ask for things thinking they will give them joy. But their desires lead to worries. Advise me about the way to attain moksha.”

Narada tells Vasudeva about Bhagavata dharma. “He who hears this dharma, he who reads about it, he who thinks about it and he who observes it, becomes pure. Even if a person is wicked, if he observes Bhagavata dharma, he is purified. The Lord’s names are auspicious. And reciting them is meritorious. Bhagavata dharma has already been stated by others, and I will now state what has been said in the past,” says Narada. He tells Vasudeva about the nine sons of Rishabadeva. The latter was an amsa avatara of Vishnu. The nine sons of Rishabadeva were yogeeswaras, who explained Bhagavata dharma to King Nimi, and Narada recounts their advice, in response to Vasudeva’s questions.

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