Mind control

In Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Krishna tells Uddhava the story of a rich, but stingy merchant of Avanti, said P.T. Seshadri, in a discourse. When the merchant lost all his wealth, he realised the impermanence of wealth, turned over a new leaf and became a sanyasi. But people did not believe he was a true sanyasi, for they remembered how wicked he had been. They grabbed his danda, polluted his food, tore his garments and beat him up. Yet, he ignored all this and continued with his meditation.

When asked how he could be indifferent to such cruelty, he said, “For my sorrow or joy, my body is not the reason. God is not the reason either. My atma is not the reason. It is my mind that is the cause for joy or sorrow. The manas, trapped in the three gunas, makes us do karmas, So, we become attached to the world.”

The man who questioned the sanyasi then asked him how to control the mind. The sanyasi replied: “Do your svadharma. Daana is important. So, give generously to others. Listen to the recitation of the Vedas, Puranas and Itihasas. Sing the names of the Lord. Nama sankeerthana is important. All these actions will calm the mind. The senses are under the control of the mind. So, if you do not control the mind, you cannot control the indriyas. If you bite your tongue, which of your indriyas can be blamed for the pain you experience — the tongue or the teeth? Neither of them is at fault. Likewise, if you do not control your mind, can you blame others for your plight? Sorrows that result because of your actions cannot be blamed on others. If you do not control mind, you will treat others with discrimination. You will see some as friends and some as enemies. Only one who has controlled his mind will take to the right path, and seek moksha.”

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