Mahabali’s justification

Mahabali’s guru Sukrachaya sees through Vamana’s disguise. He is able to see that the One who has come as a Brahmachari is Lord Narayana, the Supreme One. He, therefore, warns Mahablali. He tells the king that the One before Him can take away everything that belongs to him, said Kidambi Narayanan, in a discourse. With one step He can measure this world, and with another He can measure the world above. With Mahabali having promised Him land measured with three steps of His, where will He place the third step, wonders Sukracharya. If Mahabali were to promise to give what Vamana asks and then goes back on his promise, he will go to naraka. So he must think before making rash promises, Sukracharya warns.

But Mahabali says he has already promised the Brahmachari that he will give Him whatever He asks for. Having made such a promise, to refuse to give the land that has been asked for would be equal to lying. And isn’t lying a sin? Bhooma Devi Herself has said that She can support many burdens, but cannot bear liars.

And so Mahabali says he will keep his promise to Vamana. “Even if I were to lose my wealth and my position by giving this daana, I will still go ahead. Anyway, when a man dies, he is no longer going to enjoy his wealth. Nothing will be of use to him when he dies, whether it is fame or relatives. So, let me give now. I will be giving to a learned One. You must give daana to a good recipient, and here we have One such. Why hesitate to give? You say that Vamana is the Supreme One. He is the One we worship through yagas. That being the case, I should give what He wants. Even if this Brahmachari is an enemy, I will still give Him what He wants,” says Mahabali.

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