Mahabali welcomes Vamana

When Vamana goes to the place where Mahabali is performing Asvamedha yaga, Mahabali welcomes Him. He says that Vamana looks like the personification of the fruits of the tapas of Brahmarishis. Mahabali says to Vamana, “My family has been purified by Your arrival. My ancestors will be happy that You are here. You have come during my yaga, and so I am sure I will get all the benefits of the yaga. I have washed Your feet, and therefore my sins will be destroyed. Usually, for a yaga to yield the desired result, havis must be given properly. But I have got the results of my yaga very easily by washing Your feet. I can see that You want to ask me for something. Ask me whatever it is that you seek from me. I can give You whatever you want — whether it is cows, or food, or a girl from a good family for You to marry, fertile villages, elephants or chariots.”

Vamana compliments Mahabali on his generosity, elaborated Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse. He says Mahabali is so generous, because he comes from a great family. Prahlada was his grandfather, and the learned Sukracharya was his preceptor. None in his family had ever been miserly. None had had any hesitation in giving to others. No one in his family had ever broken a promise. Mahabali’s father Virochana had valued learning, and had always respected scholars. Vamana even has words of praise for Hiranyaksha’s and Hiranyakasipu’s courage and strength!

Vamana further says, “You are large hearted to offer me so much, but all I want is land measured with three steps of mine. You are king of the three worlds, and so you are capable of giving me a lot of things. But I have no desire for anything beyond the land I have asked for. A man who has jnana will not ask for anything more than what he needs.”

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