Love for devotees


Sugreeva wondered how Rama would tackle Vali. So, he told Rama about the killing of Dundubhi. Dundubhi was huge, but Vali picked up Dundubhi with ease, dashed him to the ground, and killed him. Dundubhi was reputed to have the strength of a thousand elephants and yet Vali had flung him across a distance of one yojana. Rama showed Sugreeva how much stronger He was by just using His toe to toss the skeleton of Dundubhi one thousand yojanas. But Sugreeva was unconvinced. He said that Rama had kicked away the skeleton, which would not be as heavy as the body of Dundubhi. So Sugreeva wanted further proof of Rama’s ability, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi in a discourse. Rama then shot an arrow, which pierced seven trees and returned to Rama’s quiver. And only then was Sugreeva confident that Rama could help him in the fight against Vali.

Vali and Sugreeva engaged in combat, with Rama promising to strike an arrow at Vali. But while the two monkeys engaged in a fight, Rama did not intervene, and Sugreeva was beaten up and chased by Vali. Sugreeva took refuge in mount Rishyamukha, for Vali would not enter this area, because of a curse. But why did Rama not kill Vali? Although He said it was because He could not distinguish between the two brothers and was afraid He might hit Sugreeva, the real reason was different.

When Rama and Lakshmana had first met Sugreeva, the latter had offered a seat to Rama, but not to Lakshmana. Rama could not excuse this, for Lakshmana was devoted to Rama. So, although Sugreeva had honoured Rama, the lack of respect to Lakshmana could not be tolerated by Rama. That is why He allowed Sugreeva to take blows from Vali initially. That is the kind of concern He has for His devotees.

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