Lord Rama’s regret

Kulasekhara Azhvar, in his Thillai Thiruchitrakootam pasurams, expresses his longing to see Rama. He sings of the events of Rama’s story, for Lord Govindaraja of Thillai has enabled him to view events that took place in a distant yuga. Serving the Lord was more appealing to Kulasekhara Azhvar than being king, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi in a discourse. He bows before those who serve the Lord. Rama is not One who savours the pomp and glory of kingship. The Lord too values service done to Him, however little it might be. Rama refers to a tree as Sriman Vanaspati. Sriman is a prefix used out of regard for people. How did a tree merit such an honour? Because, when Rama and Sita were in the forest, the tree had afforded them shelter.

Lord Rama also saw kingship as a burden. When Vibhishana sought refuge at Rama’s feet, there was one worry that Rama had. He was not too keen on ruling in Ayodhya. That being the case, what if Vibhishana, after the slaying of Ravana, requested Him to take over Lanka as well? Taking charge of Ayodhya was unavoidable. But why add to His responsibilities? So went Rama’s thoughts. And, so when He promised the kingdom of Lanka to Vibhishana and it was accepted, Rama heaved a sigh of relief. It was as if He had been relieved of a fever.

But there was one fever that abided with Him. Rama had requested Indra to bring back to life every monkey killed in the Lankan battle, and as Rama saw monkeys coming back to life, and was happy about it, His thoughts went to Jatayu. He Himself had performed the last rites for Jatayu. Had He not done so, but had brought Jatayu to the battlefield, then Jatayu too would have been revived by Indra. Now that chance was lost, and this was a regret Rama carried with Him always.

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