Lord Rama’s qualities

Conversations in the Valmiki Ramayana highlight Lord Rama’s auspicious qualities, said Navalpakkam Vasudevachariar in a discourse. One such conversation is that between Dasaratha, his ministers and his subjects, when Dasaratha decides to crown Rama as his successor to the throne. Having made the decision, Dasaratha gathers together other kings, his advisers and the people of Ayodhya to take their suggestions. He tells the gathering that in view of his age, he has decided to entrust the kingdom to Rama.

Dasaratha, while talking of Rama’s suitability for the position of king, says that He is the brother of Lakshmana. He is Lakshmivaan, for He is wedded to Sita, the avatara of Lakshmi. If Rama becomes the king, then the three worlds will prosper, for they cannot ask for a better ruler. Dasaratha then asks those assembled for their opinion. Their opinion is that Rama is the ideal choice to be the king of Ayodhya.

They tell Dasaratha why they think Rama is most suited to be king, by listing His auspicious qualities. Rama is greater than any of the kings of the Ikshavaku clan, who had ruled Ayodhya till then. Rama is a sat purushah — a person with innate goodness. He is satyadharmaparaayanah — always an adherent of truth and dharma. He is like the moon in His pleasing quality. He has the quality of kshama — a forgiving nature, like the Earth which bears so many burdens. In His wisdom, Rama equals Brihaspati. He is like Indra, the Lord of the celestials, in His valour.

Rama is satyasandah — He is honest. He is without asooya (envy). He speaks pleasing words. He has control over His senses, and has the quality of gratitude too. He has mastered the skill of using all kinds of weapons used by demons, devas and humans. He has mastered the Vedas.

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