Janaka proves his mettle

During the dialogue between Ashtavakra and Janaka, a pertinent argument about Janaka continuing in worldly life even after gaining the rare state of self realisation is raised by the former. Janaka's reply exemplifies the clarity of thought and perception of his realised state which has helped him to reconcile the esoteric and the practical issues in his way of life, pointed out Sri R. Rajagopala Sarma in a discourse. Janaka explains by drawing attention to the differences in approach to the effects of the universe on the body and mind of an ordinary individual and of one who is self-realised.

First of all, one who is not aware of the nature of the self is greatly affected by the desires, fears, disappointments, miseries and restrictions caused by the bondage with the world. This serious attachment with worldly ties is the result of ignorance. Even celestial beings, like Indra and others, are disturbed by the fluctuations and threats in their lives and are unhappy. But a self-realised person's reaction is sportive, as he knows the world and its activities are only an appearance and He remains unattached with all he does, though he acts with responsibility.

Another fact is that a self realised person is in a state of bliss, a state that transcends the state of what we call happiness, joy or elation. This state of bliss is the natural state of the self. Boiling water appears agitated but returns to its original state of calm when the heat is removed. Moreover, a jnani is insulated from the effects of papa and punya that bind all human beings because he is dissociated from the sarira which is the cause of samsara. These do not affect him though he appears to be in the world of samsara. Smoke and dust may pervade the atmosphere but does it in any way affect the akasa?

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