Humility is wealth

Wealth holds the greatest attraction to mankind. Because wealth brings with it power and fame, it is much sought after. At different times, different things constituted wealth. There was a time when wealth was measured in terms of the size of one’s cattle herds. As the world became industrialised, other things became more important. However, Thiruvalluvar speaks of something entirely different when he writes about wealth, elaborated Malayaman in a discourse.

Money, gold, jewellery, land, houses, cattle — these are not the only things that can be termed wealth. There is something intangible which qualifies to be called wealth, according to Thiruvalluvar. He says humility is a form of wealth too. Humility in a man who possesses riches, must be seen as an additional wealth that he has. Kumaraguruparar says that both material possessions and education constitute wealth. But he says that they become wealth to a person only when he is humble. We adorn ourselves with gold ornaments. But the Jain work Naladiyar says that the ornament worth having is humility.

A Tamil work known as Vetriverkai observes that humility adds beauty to the educated. Mudumozhi says that humility imparts beauty to virtuous and upright people. If a man is well read, follows the right path in life, and in addition is also humble, then such a person will earn the praise of everyone, says Thiruvalluvar. Humility raises a man to the status of a celestial; lack of humility pushes him into misery. Nature shows us how being humble can even save one’s life. When there is a storm, tall trees break and fall to the ground. But grass bends and thus saves itself from being broken by the strong wind. This shows us that to bow in humility is far better than to oppose everyone arrogantly.

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