His auspicious qualities


As great devotees, azhwars are drawn and moved to emotional heights when contemplating the Lord’s countless names that reveal His inexhaustible and auspicious qualities. There is a rich repertoire of experience of God in their hymns and that is why many are able to share and empathise with their devotional fervour, pointed out Kalyanapuram Sri Aravamudhachariar in a discourse. One common aspect of the Lord’s nature is His neutrality, that is, He is equally disposed to all beings and objects in His creation. This impartiality is governed by His boundless compassion which is His outstanding trait.

He is known as “sarva bhuta suhruth,” one who is always keen on bestowing the best on all beings. He alone can help all and He helps without expecting any return. So, it is accepted that as far as He is concerned, He has no enemies. Nammazhwar is quick to point out that though He has no direct enemies, He cannot brook any harm to His devotees and the good, as they are ever dear to Him. Nammazhwar waxes eloquent about the Lord’s Saulabhya and Saushilya that easily draw many devotees to Him. He alludes to the many instances when out of His Sankalpa He descends from His abode in Vaikunta and assumes various appropriate forms to protect His devotees. He takes the most unique and unheard of form of Narasimha to protect His devotee Prahlada from Hiranyakasipu’s wrath.

As Krishna He comes to the rescue of those who dwelt in constant dread of Kamsa. Azhwar is overwhelmed that the Supreme Lord easily becomes one with the common folk such as the cowherds and Gopis without any reserve and affords the highest benefit of God experience to them, an attainment that is hard for even the most realised souls.

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