He establishes dharma

Life is full of sorrows, and sastras explain that these are of the nature of Adi Bhoutika, caused by outside forces such as natural calamities, etc, Adi devata, when we are ruled by the supernatural and the divine, and Adyatmika, the afflictions affecting the body and self of an individual. They also state that the root cause of all sorrows is adharma and the hurdles for the salvation of the jivatma are the papa karmas in each one’s account. The nature of Kali Yuga is such that dharma is weak. As a result, when sins increase, it is a sad situation that even the fear of the effects of sin is eclipsed. So, each one has to make a sincere prayer to the Supreme Lord to intervene and help, pointed out Sri Sriramana Sarma in a discourse.

As proclaimed in the Bhagavad Gita, when adharma gains upper hand, the Lord alone can overpower it and establish dharma. God is sarva antaryami. It is our duty to seek His help and it is His duty to help. Even the most desperate situation is under the control of the Lord’s Sankalpa. Rama is caught in deep sorrow when Sita is abducted by Ravana. But Providence provides a solution when Hanuman enters His life. The Lord has the power to control even the most vicious of people. It is His swabhava to bring the necessary changes in people and circumstances. He can remove our sins to make us pure in thought, word and deed. Bhishma asserts that the antidote to all kinds of distress is to meditate on His divine names and His auspicious qualities. These have the power to wash away the sins even as the sacred waters of the Ganga. By seeking the Lord, who is the abode of compassion, we will be rid of the tendency to commit sins and thereby abide by dharma.

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