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Thirumoolar in his Thirumantiram likens Lord Siva to clouds in the sky. He sees the relationship between himself and Lord Siva as that between a calf and its mother. He calls out to Lord Siva, who is known as Nandi, for who else can impart jnana to him? Lord Siva showers His blessings on those who inhabit the earth. He also lives among the celestials. He draws everyone like a magnet. He is fond of music, and Thirumoolar acknowledges that he sings Siva’s praises only because of the grace of the Lord.

It is Lord Siva who makes it possible for anyone to worship Him, said R. Narayanan in a discourse. Manickavachagar expresses a similar sentiment in his Thiruvachagam, when he says that he came to worship at the feet of Lord Siva entirely due to the mercy of the Lord. The Lord is the enabler, but for whose love, none would be able to approach Him. In his Kolaru Padhigam, Gnanansambandar, speaking of Siva playing the veena, says that His fingers gently glide over the strings of the veena (veenai thadavi). He is the head of the celestials. None can fathom His greatness. Yet, we worship Him in whatever way possible. Since ancient times, people have understood God in different ways. But none has understood Him fully. Many have sung verses praising God, but they have not comprehended His greatness completely.

Sivakochariyar was a well-read sage. But even his bhakti was not equal to that of Kannappa Nayanar. The latter had no instruction in the Vedas or other scriptures. But in terms of devotion, Kannappa Nayanar was unparalleled, for he was willing to give both his eyes to Lord Siva, when he saw the linga’s eyes bleeding. Nothing can surpass the fragrance of the kasturi. Likewise, nothing can equal the true path shown by Lord Siva, says Thirumoolar.

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