Getting rid of samsara

Lord Narayana is the sole protector not only for all beings in distress but He alone removes the woes of even the celestial beings such as Brahma, Rudra, Indra and others, says Tirumazhisai Piran in a verse in the famous Nanmukan Tiruvandadi. There are many purana stories that show how He has unfailingly come to the rescue of the devas in their frequent clashes with the asuras or when they are involved in infighting. In this particular verse, Azhwar refers to the purana story about how once Rudra plucked out one of Brahma’s heads. It was an act done in a fit of anger. Brahma, his father, cursed that the skull should get stuck in his hand. Rudra sought Narayana’s help and eventually came out of this curse. So, Azhwar advises us who are caught in samsara and have to face the sorrows, broadly classified as Adidaiva, Adi Boudika and Adhyatmika, to seek the feet of the Lord for relief from all distress, pointed out Sri A. K. Sundarrajan in a discourse.

Azhwar compares the pitiable tale of every jivatma during the endless travel through the cycle of birth as somewhat similar to another Mahabharata story with all kinds of complications, twists and turns. The jivatma is exhausted by taking repeated births as he is forced to undergo the painful garbha vasa experience. All this is owing to our individual karma. Karma theory implies that every action has a result or consequence. Every deed, good and bad, of every jivatma is governed by the ‘cause and effect’ theory. Each one’s life is thus constituted of good and bad experiences depending on one’s past deeds. The only way out is by diverting our thoughts to God and meditating on His auspicious qualities with absolute faith. Out of His compassion God gives the jiva the chance to get rid of his sins and seek salvation. Human birth is thus an opportunity.

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