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In his Deivamani Malai, Vallalar asks if Brahma can give him another birth, or Yama take his life at will. The answer, obviously, is in the negative, because Vallalar has placed his trust in Muruga. Vallalar recalls past incidents when Brahma and Yama were taught a lesson, said M.A. Manickavelu in a discourse.

Once Brahma went to pay his respects to Lord Siva, but he ignored Muruga. Muruga then asked Brahma a series of questions. To Muruga’s questions, Brahma replied that he (Brahma) was the creator, and that he knew the Vedas. Muruga then asked him to explain the meaning of the pranava mantra. Brahma was unable to do so. Kachiappa Sivachariar, in his Kanda Puranam, says that Muruga with his twelve hands, gave hard knocks on all of Brahma’s four heads. Muruga also imprisoned Brahma! Vallalar refers to this punishment in Deivamani Malai, and says Brahma could not have forgotten what he received at the hands of Muruga.

Arunagirinatha, in his Kandar Alanakaram, expresses similar sentiments. Muruga is the One who split the Krauncha hill and killed Soorapadman. And it was Muruga who punished Brahma. Will Brahma dare to give another birth to Muruga’s devotees? If he tries to do so, he will end up having his hands shackled again, says Arunagirinatha. Another Kandar Alankaram verse mentions Brahma in a different context. Arunagirinatha praises Muruga as the One who is Vishnu’s nephew and God of the celestials. He is the One who gives jnana. Arunagirinatha wishes that Brahma, the creator, had given him four thousand eyes to enjoy the beauty of Muruga. Vallalar and Arunagirinatha were jnanis, who knew that life on earth can lead to many sorrows. Warning us of the danger of repeated births, they urge us to surrender to God.

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