Krishna explains sadana

While dwelling on the influence and effect of the gunas on individuals, Krishna says that depending on the predominant guna prevailing in a person at the time of his death, he attains a corresponding place or state.

Those in satva reach higher worlds such as heaven or even regions above it; those in rajas are reborn in this world into conditions of intense work and attachment while those in tamas reach regions lower than the earth called the nether regions.

There are many instances in the Gita where the state of mind of the jivatma at the moment of death is shown to be a crucial factor that decides its future, pointed out Swami Omkarananda in a discourse.

Earlier, Krishna had stated that one who departs from this world thinking of the Lord alone undoubtedly reaches His status of being. So, if one is engaged in this sadana, it is very likely that at the time of death, his mind would be dwelling on the supremacy of God.

Arjuna is diffident about the success of such a sadana since the human mind is fickle and always restless. What happens to the jivatma who attempts and fails in this spiritual exercise if, for instance death intercepts his efforts. Again, many may not be totally involved in the Supreme Truth though they may be partially aware of it.

Krishna reassures him that there is no permanent defeat in any sincere attempt. No one who leads a sincere and honest life comes to grief. No good man can come to an evil end. God is aware of every effort and weakness in every jivatma and no effort goes waste.

If one dies in the midst of yoga practice, he attains the world of the righteous and dwells there for some time. He is then born in a house of such as are pure and prosperous and continues his sadana.

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