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Vaduga Nambi praised Ramanuja through 108 names. Behind each of these names there is some incident in Ramanuja’s life, which justifies the name, said Aravindalochanan, in a discourse. So, reading Vaduga Nambi’s work, is like reading Ramanuja’s biography in brief. One of his names shows his kindness to Varadachari, and his rejection of Yechaan’s invitation. On his way to Tirumala, Ramanuja sent two messengers to Yechaan, telling him that he was likely to visit him. Yechaan enthusiastically began to make preparations to receive the Acharya, but did not offer a warm welcome to the messengers. When Ramanuja heard what had happened, he changed his plans and visited Varadachari instead. Varadachari had welcomed Ramanuja’s disciples, and had honoured them. Ramanuja wanted to show Yechaan that he should not have ignored his (Ramanuja’s) disciples.

Another name celebrates Ramanuja’s connection to his cousin Govinda. Both Govinda and Ramanuja studied under the same teacher — Yadavaprakasa. When Yadavaprakasa, angry with Ramanuja for disagreeing with his interpretations, tried to kill Ramanuja, it was Govinda who warned him, and told him to escape.

Vaduga Nambi praises Ramanuja’s grasp of Vyasa’s Brahma Sutra. In the pilgrim town of Thirukkurungudi, in Tamil Nadu, there is a deity called Vaishnava Nambi, who is said to have learnt from Ramanuja! The Lord had indicated in the Bhagavad Gita, that He was Parabrahman. But not many had understood this. But now that Ramanuja said the same thing, everyone understood. What was the reason? The Lord talking of His greatness, naturally will not have the same impact as someone else speaking of the Lord’s greatness! And so Ramanuja’s teaching had an effect which even the Lord’s advice did not. So the Lord became Ramanujacharya’s disciple in Thirukkurungudi.

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