Facing life with fortitude

Sastras teach people to lead virtuous lives and avoid evil behaviour. But in life many who uphold dharma and truth face difficult situations, as for instance, the Pandavas. At the same time, Duryodhana and Dhritarashtra are somehow able to hold on to the kingdom, depriving the Pandavas of their rights. It is not easy for the Pandavas in exile to accept their state. As if to make clear many truths of life, there are many expositions of the stories of Nala, Harishchandra, Rama avatar, and so on, wherein these worthy rulers too had to undergo much suffering while trying to adhere to virtue, truth and dharma, pointed out Sri B. Damodhara Dikshitar in a discourse.

Sage Brihadwasa relates the life story of Nala to the Pandavas to show that the difficulties he faced would make their own suffering seem much less in comparison. Nala’s upright way of life had kept away Kali’s influence for twelve years. But a seemingly innocent lapse on Nala’s part is enough for Kali to enter his life in a sly manner and cause havoc. His brother Pushkara calls him for the game of dice and Nala comes completely under Kali’s sway to the extent of pawning away even his good sense. Nala and Damayanti show that Time can bring about drastic changes in one’s life and one has to bear with the challenges with fortitude. Sorrow and joy are related to the mind.

A person suffers when he accepts sorrow. Jadabharata does not feel the burden of palanquin; he did not carry it; it was merely placed on his shoulders. Sadasiva Brahmendra did not feel the pain when his arm was cut off. Thyagaraja was totally immersed in Rama Bhakti that he never considered hardships in life as difficult situations. Great people do not give any importance to these ups and downs in life.

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