Daksha resumes sacrifice

During the grand sacrifice performed by Daksha, his feud with Rudra reaches a peak when he deliberately insults Rudra by denying him the sacrificial offerings. Sati Devi, unable to bear Daksha’s antagonistic stance and conduct, gives up her body in the fire generated by her yogic power. Then Rudra sends his followers to disrupt the yagna. The celestial beings who were victims of the fight, rush to Brahma for help. Brahma propitiates Rudra who is in meditation. Brahma praises Rudra who is all knowing and above the Lord’s Maya. He requests Rudra to give up his anger and to take steps to complete the yagna. Eventually the disrupted sacrifice is resumed.

In a discourse, Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal drew attention to the fact that the Bhagavata Purana projects the view that the Supreme Godhead is one but also seen variously as the Trimurtis. The Supreme Lord is the indwelling spirit in each and every aspect of creation and is also the embodiment of compassion. His omniscience makes Him aware of the faults of the jivas who are bound by the gunas and their karma. Daksha represents the jivas who transgress and are likely to commit mistakes.

Rudra is now pacified and makes it clear that he had shown this attitude to Daksha only to purify him and not out of revenge. Rudra wills that Daksha should get back his life. He also wills that all the celestial beings and the sacrificial priests who had been wounded by the weapons be restored to their original selves. Daksha is purged of his hatred and ill feelings towards Rudra. He is now transformed and his heart is filled with love and devotion to Siva. He is repentant and acknowledges the magnanimity of Siva who does not entertain hatred towards Daksha. The sacrifice is resumed and Lord Hari in His effulgent form appears in their midst to take part in it.

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