Communion with devotees

Throughout the Bhagavata Purana, it is shown that close communion with the devotees of the Lord is far more valuable in engendering a strong devotional experience in the devotees. The Rudra Gita section in the Bhagavata Purana comprises Siva’s instruction to the sons of Prachina Barhis, who are together known as Prachetasas. They proceed westwards towards the sea to engage in penance and worship of Hari. Siva is pleased with their penance and blesses them with this mantra that sings the praises of the Lord as much as of His devotees, pointed out Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal in a discourse.

As a great Vishnu devotee, Siva holds other such devotees close to his heart and shares his God experience with them in this hymn. Even those engaged in righteous conduct and duties can perhaps attain the position enjoyed by him or Brahma. But a devotee of Vishnu attains His abode directly. The Lord is the subtle and eternal truth pervading the entire universe. He rules the entire universe. He is also the sole ruler of the mind, senses and the heart and dwells in the pure heart. Siva teaches the way to attain single minded devotion to the Lord by propitiating His charming form and auspicious qualities. Devotees of Vishnu perceive His presence everywhere and remain with His thoughts just as iron filings get attracted to the magnet. Association with such devotees helps one to be immersed in the ocean of the Lord’s auspicious attributes.

Just as the dip in waters of sacred rivers, it is most efficacious in purifying one’s heart and mind. By God’s grace, those who contemplate on His gunas, come to see clearly that objects of the world are sweet at the beginning but will bring disaster by and by. They try to overcome this delusion.

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