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Charming Vamana

Andal, in Her Nachiar Thirumozhi, describes Her dream, about Her marriage to Lord Narayana. She speaks of a ‘shake’ when Lord Narayana enters as bridegroom. We may think that because of the Lord’s stature, the earth shook. But She is talking of His shivering as Vamana interpreted Parasara Bhatta! Why would Vamana shiver?

Lord Narayana had promised Prahlada that his descendants would not be killed. He had also promised Indra that He would get back Indra’s kingdom from Mahabali. Mahabali was Prahlada’s grandson. So, the Lord had to retrieve Indra’s rajya without killing Mahabali. And this was one of His anxieties. The other was that He had no experience in asking anybody for anything. He was the Supreme One. So why would He have asked for anything? This too was a reason for His shiver. But He need not have been afraid. Mahabali took one look at Him and was totally impressed, said M.A.Venkatakrishnan in a discourse. When Vamana asked him for land, measured with three steps of His, Mahabali agreed readily. Mahabali would have willingly given anything He asked for, but He says in Srimad Bhagavatam that none should ask for more than what they needed. More and more wealth only leads to destruction. Hence Vamana asked only for as much land as He required.

So, what was the need for the land that Vamana asked for? He needed land to do yagas. Sastras say that yagas should be done on one’s own land, and for this He needed nothing extensive. So perfect and convincing was the Lord’s pretence at being Vamana, the short One, that Mahabali was taken in by His appearance. Sukracharya, the guru of the asuras, however, perceived that Vamana was Vishnu, and warned Mahabali. But Mahabali paid no heed to his guru.

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