Brahman’s qualities

There is a unique intricacy in knowing Brahman, because He remains beyond the grasp of the senses, mind and intellect, the common aids in human understanding. So, Krishna lists Brahman’s limitless nature and auspicious qualities in a verse to facilitate meditation by which it is possible to realise Him experientially, pointed out Swami Tejomayananda in a discourse.

Brahman is called a Kavi, a term whose literal meaning is a poet. In the Upanishads, it refers to one who is omniscient, a sarvagna. He knows the past, present and future. Brahman is also known as ‘Purana Purusha,’ an epithet which means ancient and hence signifies His primordial existence, which has no beginning or end and transcends time and space. But ‘Purana’ also includes the truth that Brahman is always ahead of time and hence is ever newer than the newest, besides being subtler than the subtlest and also higher than the highest ever.

Another amazing reality is that Brahman is not only the sole cause of this entire creation, but also sustains it meticulously at all times. He is the essence of consciousness on which the whole structure and functioning of the universe rests. He is the very core of all existence. He is described as ‘aditya varnam,’ one who is of the essence of the effulgence and brilliance of the sun. But in fact, it is by the sheer brightness of His jnana that the sun, moon, stars, fire, and all objects capable of giving light are able to do so. He is beyond Maya and the darkness of ignorance.

Brahman stands revealed to one who meditates on His infinite nature at all times with a pure heart, mind and intellect. To know Him and to realise Him through love and devotion, as well as through the practice of the yoga of meditation, is the purpose of every individual atma, regardless of one’s status, birth, scholarship, etc.

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