Benevolent Rama

Kulasekhara Azhvar in his Perumal Thirumozhi sees Govindaraja, the deity reclining in Chidambaram, as Rama. Rama has lotus eyes and is like a dark cloud, says Kulasekhara. In his commentary, Periavachan Pillai says that this cloud, namely Rama, has drunk up the entire ocean. Water which evaporates from the ocean comes down to us as rain. This cloud called Rama does not merely take a few drops of water from the ocean, but sucks up the entire ocean, leaving only a dry sand bed! This shows the benevolence of the Lord, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi in a discourse.

But the same Lord was fierce when it came to battling enemies. Periavachan Pillai says that He killed Tataka, Subahu and Mareecha at the same time. But this is not what Valmiki says. In the Ramayana, Mareecha’s life is spared and he later comes as a golden deer and meets his end at Rama’s hands. So why does Periavachan Pillai say that Mareecha was killed earlier? The slaying of Subahu put such fear in Mareecha’s heart that after that every moment of his life was lived in dread. He knew not a moment of peace. Such being the case, how can he be said to have been living at all? Of what use was such a life? It was as good as being dead.

Rama’s eyes being red was of course because He was the Supreme One, who is identified by His lotus-like eyes. Andal in Her ‘Notru suvargam’ pasuram says Kumbhakarna went towards death. The Lord did not seek him out and kill him. He woke up from deep slumber, only to die opposing the Lord. Had Ravana surrendered to Rama, He would have spared his life. But Rama had already promised Lanka to Vibhishana. What would have then happened to Ravana? Sri Vaishnava Acharyas explain that Rama would, in that case, have given His own kingdom of Ayodhya to Ravana!

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