Atma drives the body

People often wonder how realised souls are said to see and experience God while many are unable to do so. The Gita shows that delusion in people is the reason while realised souls have developed the true wisdom to discriminate between the permanent and the impermanent values in life, pointed out Swami Gautamananda in a discourse.

The realised see the entire creation through the eye of knowledge. God is infinite knowledge, joy, love and existence. He is all pervading and is the antaryami in all beings, animate and inanimate. He is the Supreme Soul who is manifest in this entire creation. Every individual being is a manifestation of the Supreme Soul that has taken a body as a temporary residence and is compelled to experience the world of senses. Just as the sun’s rays falling on colourful objects get reflected and appear as the respective colours of the objects, the soul in every being appears to be aligned with the particular body-mind complex. The atma propels the acts of the individual as a driver in a car. But the two are distinct entities and it would be foolish to see them as identical. The body, mind, intellect, etc., is lifeless material like the car, and is activated because of the presence of the atma, the driver. The atma takes up a body and departs with the subtle body of mind and senses through the cycle of birth. Those with divine vision are able to see the immortal atma in every manifestation in creation; to them, death is the mere departure of the atma from a particular body. They are able to distance oneself from the world of senses by leading a life of austere practices. Only by such a conduct can one sustain the divine vision of God, while others easily get deluded by the attraction of worldly experiences and hence fail to see God.

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