Adheres to His duties

Each avatara of Vishnu has a special significance. As Rama, He demonstrated the importance of adherence to dharma. As Krishna, He taught us about dharma. The Vamana avatara too had its own special characteristics, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse. In this avatara, He killed no one. As Narasimha, He killed Hiranyakasipu. As Rama, He slayed many. As Krishna, He killed Kamsa, Putana and many others. Of course, those He killed had committed unforgivable sins. But there are two ways to deal with those who err. One way is to kill them. The other is to check their pride, which is usually responsible for many evil deeds. In the Vamana avatara, He did not kill Mahabali. He merely humbled Bali. Bali had usurped the kingdom belonging to the celestials. To take possession of something which is not ours is wrong. Moreover, Indra had approached Bhagavan for help. And Indra was only asking for restoration of what was his. So the Lord came as Vamana to help Indra.

Upanayana was performed for Vamana and Srimad Bhagavatam gives us a list of those who attended and the gifts they brought. In the Vamana avatara, He adhered to svadharma. Soon after upanayana, a Brahmachari must do samita daana, which is mandatory. Vamana showed that this rule must be adhered to by doing this daana Himself. Again for doing homa, He followed all the rules. He cleaned the place, and then placed darbha grass in the four corners.

A Brahmachari must do prescribed rites only in land belonging to him. So Vamana told Bali that all He needed was land measured with three strides of His, so that He could do the required rites there. Although He came to Earth to help Indra regain his kingdom, He also showed the proper way in which a Brahmachari must do his duties.

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