A precious gem

Thirumoolar in his Thirumandiram talks of Lord Siva’s Supremacy, said R. Narayanan in a discourse. The Agamas elaborate on His qualities. None of the celestials is equal to Him. No human being is equal to Him either, thus making Him head of the celestials and humans. He is Lord of all the worlds. Without Him, none of the celestials can carry out their duties. No penance will be fruitful if one does not realise Him. Golden hued Siva is a father and a mother to those who see Him as such. He is the One who creates everyone and everything.

Manickavachagar in his Thiruvachagam, Anda paguthi, says Siva is the ancient One (pazhaiyon) who created everything. In the Piditha pathu section, Manickavachagar addresses Siva as his mother and father. He describes Siva as a precious gem, and as nectar that results from love. He says he inhabits a body that will perish. He therefore holds on to Siva, who has granted him jnana. Just as Thirumoolar refers to Siva as the golden hued One, so does Sundarar, in his Ponnaar meniyane verse. Thirumoolar says that the long-haired Siva is hotter than fire, and yet when He gives, He is cooler than water. He keeps away from those who have not understood His qualities. His grace is only for those who love Him. If one sees the idol of Siva as God, then one earns His mercy. He is always present beside His devotees.

Saiva Siddhanta says that one can follow four paths to reach Siva, namely sariyai, kiriyai, yogam and jnanam. Sariyai is caring for all living things, serving in temples, serving His devotees. Getting spiritual instruction through a guru and worshipping Him is kiriyai. Doing yoga and meditation and reaching God is yogam. Passing through the first three stages and then realising that Siva is the ultimate One is jnanam.

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