Durga Parameswari

Adi Sankara’s ‘Prasnottara Ratna Malika’ is a sloka in the question answer format. To the question, “What can one do when in great difficulty,” the acharya offers the reply, think of the auspicious feet of Mother Goddess. It is shown that the unfailing help of the Goddess is a sure source of mental strength in times of great distress and helpless situations. In a discourse, Sri Sundarkumar pointed out that even the Vedas that sing the glory of the various forms of the Supreme Lord seek surrender only at the feet of Goddess Durga. The ‘Durga Sapta Sati,’ also known as Devi Mahatmya, is a part of the Markandeya Purana and comprises seven hundred slokas. It is the essence of Sri Vidya, just as the seven hundred verses of the Bhagavad Gita is the essence of Vedanta Sastra. Goddess Durga is hailed as Adi Sakti and it is shown that the entire universe is created and sustained by her tremendous Shakti.

A further distilled essence of the Devi Mahatmya is the famous ‘Durga Sapta Sloka,’ believed to have been disclosed to Siva by Goddess Durga Parameswari. Chanting it with faith helps people in Kali Yuga to overcome hurdles and realise one’s objectives, temporal and spiritual. It helps to remove one’s fears in life, dispels ignorance and poverty and confers auspiciousness.

Yudhishtira invokes Goddess Durga for help and blessings to help the Pandavas tide over the difficult thirteenth year of their exile when they have to live incognito. He prays with deep faith and the Goddess promises help and protection to the Pandavas. “Through my grace, neither the Kurus nor the people inhabiting the city of Virata will be able to recognise you all during your stay in the city.” Nothing is unattainable to those who propitiate her with faith and devotion.

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