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Attack the entry

South would have passed five hearts with no spade control, and he would have bid something other than six hearts with first-round control in case partner had grand slam ambitions. His six-heart bid showed precisely second round spade control.

Today’s deal is from the Blue Ribbon Pairs a few years ago. Few players correctly solved the defensive problem that East faced. The opening spade lead was covered by dummy’s king and won by East with the ace. What next? Nothing could be done if declarer had nine solid hearts and the king of diamonds. Failing that, declarer would need to set up an extra trick from the diamond suit.

Leading another spade would be safe, but a waste of time, as South surely started with a singleton spade. Better would be for East to shift to the king of clubs, attacking dummy’s ace of clubs entry. That would do the trick nicely unless South had the queen of clubs. Though a nice effort, the problem is that the king of clubs shift attacks the wrong entry. The winning defence is for East to shift to his singleton heart. This knocks out the heart entry to dummy before declarer can use it properly.

On a spade continuation, declarer would ruff and cash the king of diamonds. A diamond to the ace would be followed by a diamond ruff. Declarer would then cross to dummy with the nine of hearts to ruff another diamond. After drawing trumps, South would lead a club to dummy’s ace and discard his club loser on the established nine of diamonds.

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