Artist's conception of NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft collecting a sample from the asteroid Bennu.

From Vitamins to NASA: The Hindu Science Quiz


1. What is the vitamin – calciferol – which helps prevent rickets in children and in general promotes calcium absorption in the gut of people, commonly known as?

1. Which are the pairs of elements whose radioactivity allows them to be commonly used to determine the age of rocks and fossils?

1. Recent discovery showed that though this celestial body does not possess a global magnetism, it has patchy remnants that can be felt today. Which one is it among the following?

1. Symbiosis in animals is a form of mutualism where different species are seen to help each other. Among these, when one organism benefits greatly and the other is not significantly helped or harmed, what do you call the relationship?

1. There was a space mission by NASA launched in 2016 by name OSIRIS-REx which performed a delicate landing recently. What was its destination?

From Vitamins to NASA: The Hindu Science Quiz

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